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What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is one of the world's oldest complete medical systems and has been used to treat more people than any other method in the history of humankind. It is based on the movement of QI (pronounced 'chee'), our life force. When the qi in our body is abundant and free-flowing, we have a sense of well being, vitality, resilience and joy in life. 

What happens during an acupuncture treatment?
The initial visit lasts one and a half to two hours . This is a time to express your concerns and share your medical and family history.  As your practitioner, I tailor each subsequent visit to meet your individual needs. Together, we explore what supports you, so that you may live your life more fully. Through self-observation, you develop a better understanding of yourself and learn how to be your own best health care provider.


What conditions does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture works on three levels - body, mind and spirit - and can have beneficial effect on many health conditions. Some examples are:

     - Anxiety

     - Digestive disorders

     - Headaches

     - Sleep disturbances

     - Depression

     - Addictions

     - Sexual problems

     - Chronic pain

     - Premenstrual syndrome


How can acupuncture help with musculoskeletal issues?

Poor posture and muscular imbalances can predispose us to injury. Analyzing a person's posture, uncovering muscular imbalances, releasing tension and learning about ways to stretch and strengthen target areas is of benefit for both athletes and non-athletes. For example, with the advent of mobile devices and our attachment to our electronics we tend to spend much of our time in compromising postures.


By stimulating Qi and blood flow acupuncture and massage are helpful with: 

     - releasing chronic tension and 'reawakening' underused  muscle groups 

     - preventing injury or surgery

     - speeding up post surgical recovery time


What are other benefits of acupuncture?
In addition to treating health problems, acupuncture may also help with personal growth and well being. Benefits include:

     - an increase in energy

     - a greater sense of relaxation

     - a stronger immune system

     - an increaseed sense of confidence and vitality

     - the abilty to handle stressful situations with more ease


What about the needles?
An acupuncture needle is a thin sterile filament approximately the thickness of a coarse hair.  In treatment the disposable needle is gently placed on an acupuncture point and inserted just beneath the surface of the skin. 
The insertion of a needle is not comparable to receiving an injection with a hypodermic needle. The sensation varies from person to person. Sometimes a dull momentary ache or tingling, a warming sensation , or a 'movement' in another part of the body is felt.





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