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Over the years, I have been fortunate to have had a number of treatments by highly skilled Osteopaths in the


cranial field.  Having had combined massage and acupuncture treatments by Annette, I can tell you that this


ranks up with those Osteopathic treatments.  The resulting calmness and release of strain patterns in the body


is a joy to experience.  I highly recommend Annette in your quest for optimal health. - Jay Kimberley, OD



Annette has a beautiful way of tuning into me and the way I'm feeling that particular day. She is gentle and charismatic in her assessment process, able to lighten the air and make me laugh when I share sensitive information. She is very knowledgeable in TCM and is open to sharing that knowledge and additional resources with me. When I'm lying on her table she seems fully present and completely at ease, bringing a certain quality to my sessions where I can totally relax and just let the 'work' happen. I value the relationship that we have formed greatly, as I always leave her office with a smile, feeling lighter and genuinely cared for. - Mia




Annette’s massages are my greatest form of preventative health. Her work is deep and intentional, and she is


highly skilled at dissolving tension in the body.  Annette also strives to help me discover emotional aspects that


may be contributing to my tension and stress.  I leave her office feeling grounded, relaxed, and peaceful. I am


grateful for her heat packs(!) and her intuitive hands. - Josette



I have been seeing Annette off and on for ten years.  She has helped me with various injuries as well as general stress reduction.  Her acupressure massage, acupuncture, cupping, teaching and providing advice have all helped me to feel better.  I have always enjoyed the work Annette does and look forward to our sessions. The warm and caring environment she creates always gives me more energy and a stronger sense of self.

I must not forget the laughter, our sessions always include periods of laughter. - Gloria

Annette Hansen-Schmidt is outstanding. She combines her vast knowledge of bodywork and healing with remarkable openness, insight, and


compassion.  Everyone I know who has worked with her raves about the impact she has had. - Edith 




Annette is a natural born healer. She has a huge understanding of the human body, from her training in acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral to sports medicine related acupuncture.  She finds tension, and then works with me to both release, and understand it.  As well, she understands the connection between muscular release and emotional release.  She provides a safe place to feel and explore whatever comes up, if I so choose.

Over the years I’ve worked with her,  Annette has been a gentle guide in understanding how and why my body stores tension as well as the importance of exercise.  She provides a great mixture of immediate relief, safety, professionalism, inquiry, and challenge.  She also has a “greeter" dog Miya who adds a special quality to the experience. - Lee


I have always been an over-exerciser, tending to overuse my body until it fails. Annette has been helping to keep me going for the past 15 years as this body aches and groans its way through the beginnings of the aging process. She has helped me learn to treat my body with more respect and to listen to its wisdom. I recommend her treatments to athletes of any age. She will help keep your parts moving and flexible, and soothe those aching places. She’s the best! - Joan


My husband and I have been working with Annette for over a decade. We both have chronic muscular, skeletal issues that flare up with over exertion, stress, injury or seasonal transitions. When shifting from biking to hiking, gardening to raking or swimming to skiing we will find relief in the confidant, knowledgeable hands of Annette. Her use of heat and a deep tissue, structural approach to dissolving the tension in abused muscles works well for us. A recent hip replacement has brought on a new, urgent challenge for me and Annette has sped my recovery in a gentle but firm manner. We are so grateful to have Annette’s skillful hands available to us. - Elizabeth (and Tino)

Using her experience in acupuncture and massage, Annette is able to relax both my body and mind better than any of the other therapists I have ever


dealt with. She also has a talent of providing a calming and an insightful atmosphere while she works. - George

I highly recommend Annette for massage and acupuncture.  I have known her for over 15 years and always receive highly professional, healing treatments.  Massages with Annette are profoundly relaxing and restorative.  She employs both heat and stretching during her massages, and they are especially well suited for athletes.  When recovering from a painful injury, Annette also treated me with acupuncture, which hastened the healing process.  Aside from her excellent skills, she is a kind and observant woman and I always look forward to my special sessions with her. - Michelle

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